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Brine Shrimp Cubes, Freeze Dried

Brine Shrimp Cubes, Freeze Dried

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Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes

Simple and natural high protein diet supplement for freshwater and marine fish including Damsels, Gobies, Angel Fish, Bettas, Goldfish, Koi, Cichlids, Tetras, Catfish and many more.

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Only

Guaranteed Analysis: 

  • Crude Protein Min. 60%
  • Crude Fat Min. 6%
  • Crude Fiber Max. 5%
  • Ash Max. 12%
  • Moisture Max. 10%
  • 100% Natural Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes
  • High Protein, extremely nutritious addition to regular fish food
  • Freshly packaged with oxygen absorbers to ensure flavor and quality
  • Floating Cubes, Approx. size 3/8", 1cm

Feed amount fish can consume within 3-5 minutes and remove any excess uneaten food after each feeding.  Feed brine shrimp along with a nutritionally balanced diet as a high protein supplement several times weekly. 

Store sealed at room temperature in a dark dry place.  For best results use entire contents within 90 days after opening container.  

Note Allergy Warning:  This product contains natural brine shrimp, which some people may have allergic reactions to.

Not For Human Consumption

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