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- Aquatic Provisions - The only fish food that makes fish keepers and fish happy! - Share happiness with happy fish! - Fish keeping is relaxing. Feel at peace when you feed your fish. Connect with your family, friends, kids, and community over your tank. Feel at ease knowing your fish are getting the nutrition they need. We are located next to the Scottsdale regional airport in Scottsdale, Arizona. We provide simple, straight forward, quality fish foods. We take nutrition, origin, freshness, and quality seriously. The red biplane in our logo has a deeper meaning for us beyond representing where we are located, it reminds us of simple classic enjoyment, Americana, fun, and family. We hope that our customers remember the logo, where we are, and what brings them peace. Aquatic Provisions was established to provide trustworthy fish feeds. This leads to happier fish and happier fish keepers that share their joy with family, friends and community.

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