Hello, Our aim at Aquatic Provisions is to make fish keepers and fish happy! Here we will offer guides on fish keeping, breeding aquarium fish, and feeding all types of marine and freshwater species. We supply over 80 types of fish foods with a focus on freshness, quality, and user experience. 

Our flake, pellet and granule aquarium and pond feeds are all made in the USA and sourced and tested by us, going through a strict quality control and testing period.  Our freeze dried fish foods, seaweeds, and single ingredient feeds and treats are globally sourced and run through our strict vetting and quality control system as well. 

We are working to develop more unique fish foods every day, sampling and testing hundreds of recipes and ingredients, performing shelf life testing, and nutrition analysis, so we can offer strictly high quality fresh feeds.  This is what makes fish keepers and fish happy.  Thank you for participating and enjoying our initial roll out in 2024.

Thanks! - John at Aquatic Provisions

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